A few quick things about me … and then what I think is the secret of life


I love people, even though I’m an introvert. 


Even though I worked in education for years, I think the most important lessons we learn in life happen outside the classroom.


I love my dog, travel,  my family, and writing … but not necessarily in that order.

Corrine derosa

Author & Educator

The Secret of Life

There’s something I learned a few years ago that you might need to learn too. There’s a hero lurking inside of us. One that is strong and true and brave. A hero that is determined to overcome. A hero that is faithful and loyal and even though they’re afraid sometimes (and sometimes way more than just sometimes!) will push through until they reach the light, then share that light with everyone around them.

After becoming a single parent, I was forced to start my life and career over at the age of 39. 

Not easy. But we pressed on. Looking back, I realize the guidance and help of my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ got us through those years. He showed me how to reach deep to find that inner hero. It resulted in a career in public education and two years of missions work with YWAM. Most importantly my two children ended up becoming successful, kind, and loving adults. I am so blessed!

These days? I get to tell my story and write down stories in the hope it will encourage others to take the risk and put on their hero cape.

So, let me ask: Is it time you let the hero come out? Is time for you to put on your cape?

Join me here and we’ll explore how to do that, together.

WHAT others say about me

(My friends and family made me put this section in!)

“Strong. A faithful warrior for the Lord. I picture a soldier carrying someone on their back walking through a river.”

– Meagan S. 

“Joy through pain. Strong. Roots run deep. Can withstand the storms. Shade bringer. More than a writer!”

– YWAM Friends

“She walked by my side with love, comfort and prayer. She is a devoted Christian, great mother, and grandmother, caring, determined, strong and independent. Best friend”

– PAtti o. 

“Embracing, kind, genuinely caring. My picture of you is arms outstretched and open wide, welcoming, and safe ❤️.”

– Diane r.

“Operates from a place of Love & Grace; Has a great personality; Is fun & funny; A good listener.” 

– Emmy c.

“She stands out when she’s with people her age, but blends in more with those who are younger, not the normal.” 

-Mckenzie b.