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are about kids (especially girls) being empowered to change the world. Pretty epic. You should read them and read them to your kids and read them to their friends and read them to people on the bus and read them to everybody.

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The Kind of Stories I Love to Write

I grew up reading the Nancy Drew mysteries and fell head over heels in love with them, so it’s no surprise those are the kind of stories I love to write. Plus, I think the 1960s were a pretty cool decade. Combine those two loves and you get stories that that I call The Beach Drive Tribe series. Kind of a Nancy Drew meets the Goonies thing. Take a look below at what the first two books are all about.

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So many new books you’ll have to add to your reading list. Make this one top of the list! It’s going to be a best seller!

It’s 1963 and 13-year-old Beth Furtado has no designs on becoming a hero, she just wants to save Sammy. Her 7-year-old neighbor boy went missing in the woods of Tiger Mountain. Visions and dreams from the Lord drive her and a group of friends to search for Sammy in the tunnels under an old mansion near Beach Drive. What they discover leads them to other disappearances and a tragic story about a woman’s young son who died in a fire at the mansion many years before.

The Beach Drive Tribe is at it again…

A Member of the Beach Drive Tribe is in trouble and has run away. Beth’s visions and dreams lead the tribe to the Alki Lighthouse where they find him hiding along with a treasure map that the lightkeepers have guarded since the 1890’s. A daring adventure begins as they go to Vashon Island in search of the lost gold. Is the treasure still there? What sort of difficulties will Beth and the Tribe run into? What big plans do they have for the money if they find it? Be sure to sign up for my newsletters. I’ll keep you posted on the writing journey to complete book #2.

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